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Purpose of Marrowstone Island Foundation

The purpose of the Marrowstone Island Foundation (MIF) is to use its funds and good offices to assist in the promotion of a better, safer, healthier and a more harmonious place to live.

Who We Are

The Marrowstone Island Foundation (MIF) is a nonprofit, charitable organization formed in 2000 as a legacy of the Marrowstone Emergency Medical Service (MEMS). MEMS had a storied history as a pioneering private ambulance and emergency response service. In 2000, MEMS transferred its mission and station on Flagler Road to East Jefferson Fire & Rescue. Money raised by MEMS was used to endow and establish the Marrowstone Island Foundation. The Foundation continues in the tradition of the original island medical service by promoting community health and safety issues and by acting as a financial catalyst for community institutions through judicious stewardship of the Marrowstone Island Foundation endowment.

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